compressors vip industrial supplies
PV25 Compressor Industrial 3 Phase compressor
P14 Compressor Electric Belt Driven
Compact 2500 Electrict Drive
P17 Compressor 00087

PEERLESS PV25 Industrial 3 Phase Compressor 00555

PEERLESS P14 Electric Belt Driven Compressor 00257

COMPACT 2500 Electric Direct Drive 00332

PEERLESS P17 Electric Belt Drive Compressor 00087

The PV25 is a V cast iron single stage air compres…

The P14 is the largest 10amp compressor on the mar…

Designed for the building industry and home handym…

The P17 has become the largest selling model due t…

COMPACT Gun Runner Electric Oil less Compressor
Compact 3000TT twin tank compressor by peerless
peerless p12 electric belt drive compressor
compact 5000 electric belt drive compressor

COMPACT Gun Runner Electric Oil-less Compressor

COMPACT 3000TT Twin Tank Compressor

PEERLESS P12 Electric Belt Drive Compressor

COMPACT 5000 Electric Belt Drive Compressor

Designed specifically for the building industry th…

Designed for the building industry and home handym…

Our oldest running model, the P12 is the starting …

Designed specifically for builders and runs 2 x 4 …

compact 3000 roll cage compressor
peerless p17p 2tt tube tank compressor
peerless pv25puo under over compressor
Peerless under and over compressor by vip industrial supplies

COMPACT 3000 Roll Cage Compressor

PEERLESS P17P-2TT Tube Tank Compressor

PEERLESS PV25PUO Under & Over Compressor

PEERLESS Under & Over Compressor

Designed for the building industry and home handym…

This unit has many design features ie. Is easier t…

The uniquely designed Under & Over compressor …

The uniquely designed Under & Over compressor …

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VIP Industrial Supplies is a W.A based business well proven to provide all your fastening requirements. The company has been built on a strong premise of customer service and has been trading for 12 years.

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